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September 2015 - Geilo 11 years old

6th September 2015 - Today we celebrate Geilo's 11th birthday.  He has been the most wonderful dog that you could wish for,  Because of the quarantine laws at the time, he didn't come to us until he was 10 months old. Over the 10 years that he has been with us, he has travelled all over Europe with us to European Dog Shows and always going on holiday with us.  This year we have decided to leave him at home when we got to Italy & Switzerland, as we think that all the travelling, especially if it is hot, will be too much for him.  He has produced some wonderful dogs for us and lots of other people who have his sons, daughters, grandsons and granddaughters.  Over the bank holiday weekend we took him with us to a couple of carting events, not that he still pulls carts, although we are sure if we asked him to he would do it, where we met a lot of his relatives.  We will be adding loads of pictures to this month in celebration of his 11 wonderful years with us, over the course of the month.  Soo if you have any recent photographs of any of his offspring please email them to us and we  will add to this page.

Grandson Luka, Geilo, and his son Kheno

Grandson Luka, Granddaughter Livvi, Daughters Zoe and Phina, Geilo, son Kheno, and Granddaughters Inka and Nikki

A siightly better behaved group of Geilo's sons and Grandsons, with the Pennine Carters.

4 sons, Nemo, Bean, Timba and Merlin

granddaughter Livvi, daughter Phina, Geilo, daughter Zoe and granddaughters Inka and Nikki

Geilo with his cake baked by Jeanette

a wet Inka granddaughter

Luka and Livvi, grandchildren

Birthday card from his two sons Dexter and Winston


The following pictures are of Geilos, sons, daughters, grandsons and grand daughters.  They have been uploaded in alphabetival order to make it easier to know where I was upto when uploading them. If the pictures have been sent from a phone, they are distorted, sorry there is nothing I can do with them,so apologies.

Richard and Arthur, a son

Bernie a grandson

Bhodi a grandson

Bisto a son

Blush, a daughter

Charm, a daughter

Dinx, a daughter

Disney, a son

Elsa, granddaughter, sister of Inka

Granddaughter Nikki and Henna, a daughter

Geilo.  the headstudy was taken in Switzerland at First and merged together with a photographs of the North face of the Eiger and we use it for our stationary.

Harley, a grandson, his father is Kheno

Hudson, one of Geilos 1st litter now 8 years old.  The only puppy to have died from this litter is our beatiful Elkie

Elkie in Norway

Hudson a grandson

 Jett, a daughter.  Sorry not possible to turn, but it is a beautiful picture

Jenta laying with her Dad

Our beautiful Janka, who was a dughter of Geilo's sister and was taken from us way to early, at only 4 years old, not one of Geilo's offspring, but we couldn't leave her out

Jenta, his daughter now 4.5 years old

Freya a daughter, now 5 years old

his son Kheno

Kheno's new family  a birthday toast to Geilo

daughter Kira and granddaughter Rosie

Lexi a granddaughter, from Kheno

Kai and Kira, 2 daughters

Khono, a daughter

Kheno, a son

Geilo with his son Johann

Geilo and his son Kheno at a Pennine Bernese carting event

Kheno in the snow


Geilo pat dog


Lieshka after a bath 15 months

Zoe a daughter, Kheno a son, Geilo and Zak a son

Magnus and Nico, two grandsons

Maisie a granddaughter

Mikka, a son

Nico, gardening

Nikki a granddaughter

Grand daughter Inka with Judith

and Harry


and Josh, we couldn't leave anybody out, sorry Ade we havene one of you with her!

This is Ian with Elkie, looking out of the windown when we were in Germany

Phina, Geilos last daughter with Steffi, now 18 months old.

Quatro, Grandson and Odin Son

Rosie, a granddaughter

Roxy a granddaughter

Tyco a grandson

Our favourie photograph.  This is Geilos last son Winston, who is Lieshkas brother and Dexter another son, together with Rafferty.  Melanie is a professional photographer and we love her phots of the dogs

This is also Winston, another fabulous photograph

another of Winston and Dexter, 2 sons

Yogi, a grandson

and last but not least and only because she is called Zoe, the very beautiful unique Zoe, a Geilo daugther.

The next pictures are just some wonderful memories of the times we have spent with Geilo and all of his beautiful offspring over the years

Skye, Kheno and Khono's litter sister

Freya out with Tony and Nicola!!

Geilo with Harry

and Jessica

Geilo with his son Zak

His son Kheno, a natural carting dog like his Dad

in the snow at the Gotthard pass going to pick Katie up in Italy Deccember 2011

He has always enjoyed the snow.  When we sent to see him in Norway at 6 months old, we took him for a walk and took some pictures of him and we let him off.  He high tailed it back to the farm and when we got back he was lying on the balcony waiting for us!!

another of his son's Leo in the snow

Zoe Kheno and Geilo

grandson Oska

Yogi 1 son from the same litter as Johann

a daughter Mehr, who sadly died earlier this year

Odin, not sure if this is Odin number 1 or Odin no 2, but both are his sons

Tiana, a granddaughter

early training as pat dogs for Kheno and Khono

Xena, Zoe's sister a daughter

Archie and Nikki, grandson and grand daughter

they all seem to like the snow

Maddie, grandaughter

Geilo, Uschi and Madi on the train in Switzerland

Geilo, Uschi and Madi with the Silberhorn in the background

after a bath

at the French Club show, where he won the open class which had 50 dogs in, possibly his best result in the show ring

in Grindelwald.  I can't bear another walk!

having a roll

a son Zak trying carting for the 1st time

his daughter Freya

Elkie and Steffi at Trummelbach

beautiful DiJana who is from Geilo's nephew in Slovakia Dream

Geilo and Janka in Norway

Elkie and Geilo in the bus park in Grindelwald

dancing Kheno

Geilo going to see a litter of his puppies

in the Churchyard in Switzerland

at the Sports centre in Grindelwald

at Kleine Scheidigg with the Eiger in the background

Bella granddaughter with Luka grandson

Freya daughter with Yogi 1 son

after winning the open class in France

Elkie with her dad in Switzerland


a very young Khono, Kheno with their big sister Elkie

Lieshka admiring herself in the mirror at school with Ian

beautiful Jasmine, Johanns sister who sadly died earlier this year

Nemo a son

This is Lewis, a son

This not relevant, but this is our first girl Tascha, with her daughter Madi and granddaughter Jodi.  When we brought Geilo to England we hoped to mate him with Madi and Jodi, but unfortunately, things didn't work out.

Maddie and Nikki, granddaughters

in the cable car in Switzerland

Geilo's father the very beautiful Morzy

another son Merlin

Odin number 2 a son, Khenos brother

Johann and his sister Mabel

Hunny Elkies sister

beautiful Janka, his niece

Elkie, Freya and Geilo in Grindelwald

Geilo son Timba, the puppy

Skye, Kheno's sister

Odin, I think as a puppy, son

Lewis and Hughie, 2 sons

a litter of Geilo puppies at their Mom and Dads wedding

Zoe with her Dad

a Geilo daughter Chablis

Zoe and Phina, 2 daughters

Zak, a son

Elkie at Kleine Scheidegg

Freda and Mabel, 2 daughters

Ruby, daughter 4 years old

Geilo and Elkie in Switzerland

on the train in Switzerland

best man at a wedding in Grindelwald!!

wedding in Hotel Derby, Grindelwald

Monti, Kheno's brother

Targha, granddaughter

Elsa, granddaughter

Skye and Khono 2 daughters

Sonny, Kheo and Khonos brother

Love you Dad

no relation, just one of oour favourite pictures of Madi

Rio, a grandson




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