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News Update

January 2016

11th January 2016

A very Happy 5th Birthday to our wonderful Katy, thanks to Silvana and Volkhard for entrusting this beautiful girl to us.

Katy after her birthday bath

27th December 2015 - So sorry for the lack of updates on our homepage.  It is because Ian puts everything onto Facebook immediately it happens, which means the web page gets isn't updated reguarly.  We had a wonderful holiday back in September in Italy and Switzerland with our friends Ray & Sue and our "mobi" dogs, Katie, DiJana, Nikki and Luka.  For regular updates see Ian's facebook page which is Ian Instone or ask to join the Staubach Bernese Mountain Dogs group page. 

Luka and Nikki relaxing at Lake Garda

DiJana, Katie and Nikki at the showground in Italy

Most of the sites that we stayed on had "dog baths" which we took advantage of before showing Luka

Getting dried before the show next day in Italy

At the show, Luka had to be shown in the Junior Class, even though he was just over 9 months old,  as the puppy class on the continent is oin ly upto 9 months old. He was graded Excellent and came 3rd in the Junior class of 9.  He was giving age to them all and we were very pleased with him.

Luka and DiJana then won the couples class, following on from his Grandad Geilo, who had won the class the previous 2 years once with his daughter Freya and then with her litter sister Tillie.

Our friends Ray and Sue in Borghetto, near Volta Mantovana, Italy, an Ancient walled town.

We then moved to Switzerland, where we met up with one of our last puppies, Inka with her Mam and Dad and bernese friends Heidi and Klara, at a lovely site in Lauterbrunnen.

Carol with Klara and Heidi

Nikki in Lauterbrunnen

Is there anything better? DiJana, Luka with Nikki on his back and you can just see Katies head to the left.

Ian looks as if all he needs is a sledge and he will be sorted!!

That's better now they are settled.  We remember tying Geilo and Madi to a road sign in this valley, whilst we took pictures of Elkie drinking out of a trough.  We heard a bang and when we turned around here's Geilo and Madi coming towards us, dragging the road sign along behind them!!

Watching a cow in the meadow

All the girls together

Luka wanted to rub noses with this nosy cow!


Luka then had a paddle

this is where I thought Ian was going to join him

as there was no way DiJana was going to get her feet wet


Luka with his mother Katie.

back home after the walk



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