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Elkie in Frya NBSK Club Show

Geilo & Elkie in the pairs class

News Update

May 2008

May 2008

Well our new web site is up and running, although it may take a little time to add all the information about the dogs and pictures, but we are very happy with it.  At the beginning of this month we went on holiday to Norway for a fortnight taking 4 of the dogs with us, Madi, Uschi, Geilo and Elkie.  It was Elkies' first time away and we didn't know what to expect, however she behaved herself remarkably well.  It was her first time in a hotel and whilst the minute she gets into our lounge, she still does the "wall of death" along the sofa, hence her name, the "wild child", she didn't make any attempt whatsoever to jump on the beds!  Whilst in Norway we took the oppurtunity to show Geilo and Elkie at the NBSK Club show, which was held at Frya.  The Dogs were shown on the Saturday and Geilo was place 6th out of 25 in Open dog, which we were very pleased with.  On the Sunday it was Elkies turn. Although she was only 11 months old she had to be shown in Junior as the puppy class in Norway is for dogs upto 9 months old.  There were 11 in the Class, she was the 2nd youngest and to our delight she won the Class!  We then entered Geilo and Elkie(Father & Daughter) in the pairs class, and from an entry of 4 they were placed 2nd.

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