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News Update

December 2008

After our problems with Uschi while on holiday in October she has now recovered, she is full of life again, it is hard to believe that she was so close to death in October. This morning (7th) while out for her walk she had a great time racing round in the field chasing Geilo, she got the shock of her life when she skidded on the ice! 


This month has also started with vets treatment for Madi, we discovered a lump on one of her mamory glands on the 3rd December, two days later she had it removed by our vet, at nine and a half years old Madi is in very good health. Tomorrow she will still be wanting to go to school for her visits to work with the children in the special needs school she visits, nothing will keep her away from her friends at school.  The results of the biopsy was very good, there were no signs of cancer at all, Madi is now fully recovered from her surgery, she is now on her Christmas break from school. We have now started visiting a Forrest School with the children, this is very good as the children can see Madi and Uschi running through the forrest and playing, they have not seen them do this before so it is a very good experience for them all. 


On the 6th we had a visit from Martin Hutchinson and his puppy Frieda, (Jezmona Gabriela) bred by Mr & Mrs Pembry (Jezmona) she is from Geilo's 5th litter. It was nice to see her as we had only seen her when she was six and a half  weeks old when we visited the breeders.


December 30th 2008 - We have now mated our Norwegian imported female Janka, to a very nice male we have used before, we used him to our Belgian female Casjimira van't Beertjes Hof of Staubach, he is from the same Belgian breeder as Casji. The male we have used is UK Ch & Bel Ch Dynamite van't Beertjes Hof of Glanzberg, his pet name is Dino, he is a very sound dog in construction and has excellent temperement. We will update with news once we have Janka scanned.

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