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Hughie the "Hero" as a puppy

Hughie now

Geilos 5th Litter picture: J. Pembrey

Cooper Geilos Litter 4 - 10 months old

Tia on Christmas Day

Alfie Geilos Litter 4 - 10 months

News Update

January 2009

January 25th - Hughie Saves the Day - We received an email from Will & Hazel, the owners of Hughie, a dog from Madis' second litter, as follows - Hughie was a bit of a hero yesterday.  Not sure if I told you that Elizabeth, our daughter, is training to be a veterinary nurse at the practice who look after Hughie (and Harley).  She was on call over the weekend and had a dog in that had been in a fight and was very weak as she was bleeding internally. The vet was worried she would die. The vet wanted to do a transfusion, but none of the staff dogs are big enough. So we had a phone call, and took Hughie over to give some of his blood!  The vet shaved around his jugular and as Elizabeth held him and I waved a treat in front of his nose, the vet put the needle in and out flowed the blood into a bag. She took about 400ml, - Hughie was ever so good as he sat there, though he got a bit warm. He was given a big Jumbone as a reward, and though he missed out on his morning walk, he seemed quite pleased! The dog recovered well after the transfusion, and went home this morning!  So Hughie is a blood donor!  " A pint! That's very nearly a tailful!"  the vet wants to put a picture of Hughie in their practice newsletter.  - Well done Hughie.


January 22nd - It is almost four weeks since we mated Janka, she is due to be scanned early February.


January 16th - Thanks to Michael, Clare Cook and their son Ian for the nice picture of their female Tia taken on Christmas morning, Tia is a daughter from our Belgian female Casji's first litter to our own male Heiko (Staubach Blaue Wasser), he was Madi's litter brother. Recently while out for her walk Tia damaged a muscle and required surgery, she is making a good recovery and her vet is pleased with her progress.


January 1st - We have received some pictures from Kevin and Jayne taken today of one of the male puppies from Geilo's fourth litter, his name is Cooper (Dolpena Rebel Rhythm at Jenzobern).  We also received a picture of his litter brother Alfie, (Dolpena Shrewd Dude) he is qualified to go to Crufts in 2009, both pictures are of the two males age ten months old.



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