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Madi & Elkie

Geilo - Janka

Im bigger than you now!

Elkie 8 Weeks!

Tigg - Gelios 1st litter

Steffi - 11weeks

Steffi - 12 weeks

Becky - Casji Litter 2

News Update

February 2009

February 24th - Our new puppy Steffi has had her Rabies vacine today, all being well all her papers and Pet Passport will be ok for bringing her to our home in England in September.


February 22nd - New pictures of our dogs Geilo, Elkie, Madi, Jodi, Janka and Uschi taken and added to most of our pages.


February 15th - Received some nice pictures of the two males from Geilo's first litter, the picture of Tigg was taken by Graham McAllister and the picture of Hudson by Kathleen Thompson his owner. 


February 10th - Happy 6th Birthday to Casji (Casjimira van't Beertjes Hof of Staubach)


February 4th - Today Janka had a second scan, the scan was unable to show any puppies and she is not pregnant, we took all the usual tests before mating and we are very dissapointed as you can imagine. We will now have to wait for her next season which is due around June/July and try again.

February 2nd - We went to see our latest import at the weekend. Steffi is 12 weeks old and will hopefully arrive in September 2009 if everything goes according to plan.  She is due to get her rabies injection this week and will arrive 7 months later.  We are very excited about her.  There are more pictures to be seen under her own name on Our Females page. 

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