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Geilo & Elkie - 3d in the brace

Geilo - France No 1 in Open Male (50)

Elkie - France No 3 Intermediate (37)

Show Results

Show Results 2009

28th November 2009:  Amsterdam International 120th Winner Show - Judge: Mr Guido Putts (Netherlands)  Jeugdklas female's (Youth Class) 8 entries all present: Gwen-Stefani von Bernice Love (Steffi) - Graded Sehr Gut (Very Good) not in first 4 in class, in the class the judge only graded two dogs Excellent. This was Steffi's second show and she behaved very well, the judge gave her an excellent critique, our friends husband read it to us at the show, when our friend has translated it for us we will add it here.

Openklas female's (Open Class) 7 entries all present: Tiggerifik Lady in Red at Staubach (Elkie) - Graded Sehr Gut (Very Good) not in first 4 in class, in the class the judge only graded three dogs Excellent.  In the show ring he said Elkie was limping very slightly otherwise she would have been graded Excellent and in the first four places. The judge gave her an excellent critique, our friends husband read it to us at the show, when our friend has translated it for us we will add it here.


8th November 2009:  Working & Pastoral Breeds Association of Scotland  - Judge Mr Richard Hallam (Oldberne) with a total Bernese entry of 49. This was the very first show for our two new recent imports Steffi and Joker, they have only been with us for five weeks, we were delighted with their respective results. We also showed Elkie our Geilo daughter for the first time in many months in the UK, here are our results:  Puppy dog: Gentleman von Bernice Love (Joker) 2nd place - Puppy bitch: Gwen-Stefani von Bernice Love (Steffi) 3rd place and finaly Post Graduate bitch: Tiggerifik Lady In Red at Staubach (Elkie) 2nd place.

We were delighted with all three especially Steffi and Joker, this was their first ever show and they qualified for Crufts 2010. 

Judges Critiques: Gentleman von Bernice Love - 11 months. Good size with correct bone but needs to fill out, this not helped by being completely out of coat. Head coming on well. A little unsure to start with but once settled moved well around the ring.

Tiggerifik Lady in Red at Staubach - Close decision with 1st just lost out on overall finish. Maturing well. Feminine head with super dark eye. Good size and substance. Well constructed which enabled her to move with drive, covering the ground with ease. Super coat and well presented


30th/31st May 2009:  Norwegian Bernese Club Show (NBSK) Judge Mr Peter Embleton (Ireland) The show held in Frya north of Oslo had an entry of 157, our results are as follows: Geilo - Open male class - 30 entries with one absent - graded Excellent with CK (Champion quality) and 3rd in class. Elkie - Open female class - 32 entries, she was the youngest in this class, she should have been entered in the Intermediate class with 8 entries where she would still have been the youngest. In a very strong Open class we were delighted that she was graded Excellent and made the final 10 in the class. We also entered Geilo and Elkie (father and daughter)in the pairs class, there were 5 pairs entered and again we were delighted to be placed 3rd in such a strong class. In the breeders class Geilo was entered with 3 other males from his breeder who was awarded 3rd place in the breeders class. This was another good show for us here in Norway. 

Judges critiques:

Geilo: Stocky medium sized dog, nice head, good stop, good ear set, short in neck. Nice shoulder placement, good deep chest, good rear angulation and top line and tail carriage on the move. Good condition and presentation.


Elkie: Two years old, medium size, femine head, good dark eye, correct facial markings, good reach of neck and lay of shoulders. Good depth of body, slighty lacking spring of rib. Good top line and tail carriage, moved well.


5th April 2009:  Association Francaise des Bouviers Suisses (French Association of the Swiss Breeds) the total entry for the Bernese at this Show was 311, unlike shows in England there were very few dogs absent. It is always a pleasure for us to show abroad, shows are fully supported with exhibitors from many countries. Our results as follows: Geilo - Open male class - 50 entries with 3 absent - Grades Excellent and then went on to be awarded First Place and Third Best male, Geilo was handled by our Australian friend Ross Catt who handled him at Crufts. In a class of such high quality all we wanted was for him to be graded excellent, which to our delight he was. Judges critique for Geilo:  Strong dog, head a little bit heavy, stop very strong. Nice bones, good legs conformation in front, open in back. Good movment.


His daughter Elkie was entered in the Intermediate female class, there were 37 entries with 4 absent, once again all we were looking for was an excellent, which she was awarded, but she was also one of the six selected for the Ring of Honour. Again we were thrilled when she was awarded 3rd place in another high quality class. The judge for the Open male class was Jacky Touron and the judge for the Intermediate female class was M. Procureur. Unlike the Breed Club Show's in the UK the first six dogs in each class were selected by the judges on the morning, then all six returned to the Ring of Honour in the afternoon for their final placing. Judges critique for Elkie:  22 months DCC Nice head exc eyes and color Exc pigmentation with lips well tensed very good topline. Exc coat and colours. Exc bones. Exc legs conformation and hocks. Very good movment front and side. Exc tail and carriage. Very harmonious dog.


The Best male Vanadis du Haras de la Vergne was from the Champion class and the Best Female Alex de Notre Dame des Neiges from the Open class.


8th March 2009: Crufts - This year we showed Geilo who was handled by our Australian friend Ros Catt, unfortunatly he was not placed at all this year. We also showed his daughter Elkie, she too was unplaced by this years judge Mr A. H. Brace.




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