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Madis Birthday Card

Madis Card

Madis Birthday Cake

Madi in Norway

Madi in Norway

Ian & Madi

Geilo - 3rd in Open

Geilo & Elkie - 3rd in the Pairs

Elkie in Open - photo by Danny Wu - N.Z.

Elkie in Open - photo by Danny

Geilo in the Breeder Group

In the pairs


News Update

June 2009

10th June 2009 -  Today Madi returned to school after our holiday to visit the children, they had arranged a special birthday party for her. On Tuesday with the help of the class teachers Lynn and Amanda they made a special dog birthday cake, it was a sponge made from flour, eggs, carrots, chicken, bacon and yogurt. When it was cooked it was covered in thick yogurt and decorated with strips of crisp cooked bacon and candles, as you can imagine Madi thoroughly enjoyed her piece, the rest of the cake was brought home to share with all our dogs. It looked that good we adults tried a small taste ourselves, it was tasty and savory.


The children also made a lovely birthday card and signed it for Madi, they had enjoyed making the cake and card and had done a marvellous job, all the children suffer from a variety of disabilities. Both Madi and I would like to thank the children Frazer, Ryan, George, Bethany, Melisa and Lisa for making Madi's 10th birthday so special, when the cake was cut they sang Happy Birthday to Madi. (see pictures of cake and card)


7th June 2009 -  Southern Counties Championship Show, Judge Mrs Zena Thorn-Andrews. The winner of the Post graduate class with an entry of 15 and 3 absent was Clashaidy Nidvela Flowing at Balahunz, bred by Mrs Virginia Stenner and owned by Mrs Yvonne Fison-Bates. This female is a daughter of Geilo from his second litter, she went on to win the female C.C. (Challenge Certificate), this is a first for one of Geilo's off spring, she was beaten in the challenge for Best of Breed by Mr and Mrs Peter Embleton's male Ir. Ch. Bernemcourt Siroco, who went onto win Group 2 in the Working Group. Congratulations to her breeder and owner. (see Geilo's litter 2 for more information and judges critique)


3rd June 2009 -  Happy Birthday to our very special girl Madi who is celebrating being 10 years old today, Madi was born at 03.00am in our first litter. She is the last one of eight from the litter from our first female Tascha, sadly her other brothers and sisters have all now died. She is celebrating her special birthday on holiday with us in Norway with Geilo, Janka and Elkie. Today she would have been visiting her friends at Beaumont Hill Special Neeeds School in Darlington, Madi will not miss out on her special birthday party, next week we will take a special cake to school for her to share with the children in her class, and the staff. At 10 years old Madi is still very active, she is a Therapy dog and visits the school twice each week, she also visits a forrest school once and over the last few weeks has been visiting children four days each week. We believe that because she is so active and loves working with the children so much this keeps her fit, Madi knows what day it is and which class she is visiting, even if we have to miss one visit she knows her way to the class for the next visit. Recently she has been visiting a hospital and home where my mother is to cheer her up and see some of the other patients and residents. Madi goes every where we go, she is a regular continental traveller, on our return home from our holiday in Norway she is going to Germany to see our new girl Steffi again. 


1st June 2009 - We had a great time at the Norwegian Club Show (NBSK) held in Frya on the weekend of 30th-31st May 2009, the judge was breed specialist Mr Peter Embleton from Ireland. Puppies and Males were shown on the Saturday.  Geilo was in the Open Class with an entry of 32 and he was graded excellent with CK (Champion quality) and placed third, which we very pleased with.  On Sunday we showed Elkie in the Open Class, at just two years old she was the youngest in a very strong class of good females.  There were 32 in the Class, she was also graded excellent.  The Judge then pulled out 10 to make his final choice from and we were delighted that Elkie was one of the final 10.  We then found out that she had been entered in the wrong class, she should have been in the intermediate class, with an entry of 9 of which she would still have been the youngest.   We then entered both Geilo and Elkie in the pairs class and they were placed third out of an entry of five.  Also Geilo was included in the breeder group with three other males from his breeder who was third best in the breeder group. All in all we had a very enjoyable time, meeting some old friends and making some new ones.  The weather was just perfect, the setting is just made for a dog show with accomodation on site, lots of shade for the dogs and excellent food.  Pictures will be on site when we arrive home.

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