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Litter 6 - Casjimira van't Beertjes Hof at Staubach (Imp Bel) - Casji

Date of Birth: 24th August 2004 Sire: Staubach Blaue Wasser (Heiko)                                                              Dam: Casjimira van't Beertjes Hof of Staubach (Imp Bel)

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Puppy 1 - Staubach Gregor vom der Wald (male) - Oden - Owners: Harsha and Alps Patel and family, Northampton. Died 18th October 2013, Age 9 years 2 months.

Puppy 2 - Staubach Gianna vom der Wald (female) - Tia - Owners: Clare anchael Cook and family. Durham

Puppy 3 - Staubach Golina vom der Wald (female) - Tilly

Tia 9 years old in August - May 2013

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