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Joker - 10.5 months

Joker - 10.5 months

Joker - 10.5 months

Elkie & Steffi

Joker & Steffi with Grahame

Uschi out for a walk

Uschi out for a Walk

Hughie & Elizabeth - Sept 2009

Hughie & Elizabeth - Sept 2009

Melanie with Geilo

Melanie & David with Uschi & Geilo

News Update

September 2009

September 29th - Today Janka had her second pregnancy scan, as we thought there was no change to the scan from last week, that showed, unfortunately she is not pregnant. As you will imagine we are quite upset. Janka had progesterone tests taken, antibiotics, herpes injection and we used a proven fertile male for her, she had three excellent matings and still no puppies. Puppy Farmers would never go to such an expense and they turn out 100's of poor quality puppies of all breeds.

We will of course try again at Janka's next season early next year and hope for better luck and success then, to all those who visited us we know how dissapointed you will be this time.


September 26th - It is now one week since Steffi and Joker arrived from Germany, in the first week they have settled into our home very well and have attended their first ring craft class. In November we are taking them to their first Continental show in Amsterdam, this will be a great experience for them as this is the largest dog show in the Netherlands. They have to be shown in the Youth class on the Continent, their breeder will be there with a brother and sister of Steffi and Joker so it will be a very interesting show. Unlike Steffi and Joker they have been shown before with much success.


September 21st - No news for Janka, she has to have another scan on the 29th.


September 19th - Today after a long  tiring trip we have now collected our new female Steffi from Germany, she is just turned 10 months old and we think she is gorgeous, we will be adding some new pictures of Steffi to our homepage soon.  We also brought home with her one of her litter brother's, we have called him Joker, we will add a page for Joker and add some pictures of him, we will of course add their pedigree's. We would like to thank Steffi and Joker's breeder's (Betsy, Robert and Daniel) for allowing us to have two beautiful puppies and also thank you to Leo and Meike for looking after Joker for us, they gave him lots of love as he lived with their puppy Boy who is Jokers litter brother. Also thank you to Elke and family for looking after Steffi.

Also today on our return from Germany we had a telephone call to say that the female in Cambridge that Geilo mated had started her labour, she had shown six puppies on her scan, on Saturday morning she had given birth to six healthy puppies, four male's and two female's. This female had also had a previous litter with Geilo one year ago, she was his fifth litter.


September 17th - We had Elkie scanned today, and we are very disappointed to report that the Vet could see nothing on the scan.  She has to go back for a further scan next week, but we don't anticpate there being anything different to report.  We must now wait for Janka to be scanned next week and hope for better news. 


September 14th - After the summer holiday's Madi resumed her therapy visits to school, now over ten years three months old Madi is still very keen and loves her work with the children. 


September 12th - It is now only one week before our German female Steffi makes the trip from Germany to our home. We have had a long wait since she was born but  we are sure the wait will have been worthwhile. On the 17th before going to Germany we will be having Elkie scanned to see if she will be expecting her first litter.


September 9th - It is now only ten days before we go to Germany to finaly bring our new female Steffi home, she will be ten months old, now she is almost here it seems the time has passed quick, however while we were waiting it passed slowly. 


September 6th - Happy 5th Birthday to Geilo today, we cannot believe it is four years since we went to Norway to collect him. We first saw Geilo as a five week old puppy when we made our first visit to his breeders in Norway, he was ten months old when he was allowed into England on his Pet Passport. To date Geilo has sired five litters, his sixth litter is due to be born around the 19th September.


September 4th to 6th - Over the last few days we have had visitors to see our dogs from Ireland, Wales and a local family who visited us on Sunday morning with their two young children, the children, Emilie and Thomas fell in love with all the dogs. After spending time in the house with all our dogs we went for a walk and Emilie and Thomas took Uschi and Madi for a walk with their mother and father taking Geilo and Jodi. 


September 3rd - Today we received some nice pictures of one of Madi's puppies from her 2nd litter, his name is Hughie, (Staubach Excelsior) he is seen in the picture with Elizabeth at the Village show in Enstone, Oxford. 



September 1st - It is still early days for Elkie and Janka, it is only just over two weeks since they were mated, they will both be scanned by the 24th of September when we hope for some good news regarding puppies. As soon as we have any news we will post it here. We recently had visitors, Melanie and David from London to meet us and our dogs. They made the trip by train for the weekend and enjoyed their time with us and their walk with two of our dogs, Geilo and Uschi as you can see in the two pictures opposite. In these pictures you can see the wonderful temperement and character of our dogs, Geilo is rolling around, it was the first time he had met Melanie and David. Geilo certainly enjoyed his walk with them as you can see by the fun he is having, and they too enjoyed their time walking Geilo and Uschi.

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