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Staubach Country

To show you some of the very beautiful walks and countryside we have within 25 metre's of our home for our dog's we have decided to add another page called "Staubach Country". Here you will find pictures of some of the walks that we have direct access to as we leave the rear gate of our home. The first picture is as we come out of the rear gate onto a grassed area with a protected ancient hedgerow, this area is where we take Pia for her walks. Then we walk down the cycle path for about 50 metre's to what used to be working farmland, but is now a nature trail and has a cycle and walking path running from Thornaby to Ingleby Barwick. When the dogs are young it is great for socialising them, as you meet all sorts of people, jogger's, bikers, dog's, children, sometimes horse's and occasionally, if it is quiet and you are lucky you will also see the deer and foxes.



The area is full of wildlife and is very beautiful, we have access to two beautiful woods and beautiful walks along the river bank of the river Tees where there is an abundance of wildlife on the river and along the walks on the banks and woods, we are very lucky to have all this so close to us. As well as the cycle path, there are a variety of walks, uphill, downhill, but mainly on the level, so it is ideal for the dogs to experience different types of surfaces to walk and run on.  It is totally safe to have the dogs off the lead as there are no roads that they can access from the nature trail. As a rule we usually take Janka, Uschi and Steffi for their walk first,  followed by Geilo,and Elkie and then Geilo goes again with Freya.   



Ancient hedgerow outside our rear gate



Walking and Cycle path



Going down the hill to stream



Bridge leading to one of our local woods, the Fox Covert



Foot path by Bassleton Stream


Foot path by Bassleton Stream


Looking back towards the Fox Covert woods


Uschi standing by the Bramble thicket



Uschi by the fallen tree, it is still growing next to stream


Uschi by the Bramble thicket


What about us dogs - why is there no dog lane?

A deer on the path

Geilo on the same path

Joker at the Stye

Janka on the top field

Joker & Janka

 Canada Geese Flying overhead

Stoney path in the Snow

Stoney path in the Autumn

Foxes at night on the cycle path

Deer in the wood

How many Magpies can you count?

Does anybody know what bird this is? We think it is a Bitten. Thanks to Ray and Janet's friend who has informed us the bird is a Woodcock (21/07/2012)




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