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Elkie before her bath

Elkie after her bath

Joker after his bath

Steffi after her bath

Geilo - Frieda 17 months old

Frieda - 17 months old

Joker chasing Frieda 17 months old


Joker - 11 mths

Joker - 11 mths

Joker & Elkie

Joker - 11 mths

Joker - 11 mths

Joker - 11 mths

News Update

October 2009

October 29th - We received some pictures today of Geilo's latest litter they are now five weeks old, to view the pictures go to Geilo's Litters page and look at litter six.


October 25th - Today we were able to try out our new Hydrobath, we certainly were not disapointed with it, the weather was kind to us so we were able to bath Geilo, Janka, Elkie and our two new puppies Steffi and Joker. Both Steffi and Joker had no problem with the new bath, the power shower did not bother them at all, they both thouroughly enjoyed their bath time at our home. We will be adding pictures of the dogs taken today and a before and after pose of Elkie. It is remarkable the difference a blast and bath makes to them. 


October 18th - We had a visit from our friend Martin Hutchinson, his friend John, Polly their other Bernese female and their 17 month old female Frieda, daughter of Geilo's from his 5th litter. The weather was very nice so we could take the dogs out for a walk with Martin and his friend John, we were able to take pictures of the dogs on our walk.


October 13th - Happy Birthday to Jodi (Staubach Mountain Thrift) who is 8 years old today, Jodi was from Madi's first litter with Ridgwater Sky Chief of Glanzberg. She was assessed as a Therapy dog at six months two days old and became the youngest Therapy dog.


October 11th - Today has been Autumnal here, the leaves are changing colour and are starting to fall now, this morning we took the dogs for a walk round the fields and woods beside our home. Today Joker and Steffi are 11 months old, the pictures of Joker and Elkie were taken today.



October 10th - We had intended to go to the World Show in Bratislava this weekend where we wanted to  exhibit Steffi and possibly Joker, unfortunatly we had to change our plans due to other family commitments. However their breeder's from the Bernice Love Kennel were there exhibiting three of their litter mates.

In the Junior male class of 23 present George Clooney von Bernice love was graded Excellent, in the Junior female class again with 23 present their sisters Goldie Hawn von Bernice Love  and Gorgeous Woman von Bernice Love were also graded Excellent. At just under 11 months old (by one day) this was a great achievement for all to be graded Excellent. The total entry for the Bernese was 269, for the full results look at the following link:


October 5th - Congratulations to Martin Hutchinson's female puppy Frieda "Jezmona Gabriella" a daughter from Geilo's 5th litter who has just had her hips and elbows assessed under the BVA/KC Scheme. Her results were Hips: 5/3 = 8 and Elbows: 0/0 = 0.




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