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The Staubbach Falls

Staubbach Falls in Winter

Jodi 13/10/2001 - 24/2/2010

Madi - 3/6/99 to 16/12/09 RIP

Geilo in the Snow

Happy Birthday Jodi 8 years old

Elkie - August 12th 2009

Elkie - August 12th 2009

Elkie - June 2009

Geilo, Janka, Elkie

Geilo May 09

Geilo - May 2009

Geilo - May 2009

Geilo - French Club Show 7th April 2009

Geilo Feb 2009

Elkie - Feb 2009

Janka - Feb 2009


Steffi - Our new Import

Janka - 20 months - Christmas Day

Elkie - 18 months Boxing Day

Janka & Geilo - Christmas Day

Janka & Geilo - Christmas Day

Uschi & Janka - Christmas Day

Janka 17 months

Elkie 13 months


Tigg, Geilo and Elkie at Scottish BMD

Elkie, Krystal and Hunny

Madi, Uschi and Geilo

Misha, Madi, Tia and Uschi

Elkie in Norway - 2008

Madi - Therapy dog - 2008



Welcome to the website of our Staubach Bernese Mountain Dogs, our kennel name is taken from the Staubbach Falls in the Lauterbrunnen Valley in Switzerland, (see top picture) we had our kennel name when we had German Shepherds, (see About Us page for more information). We try to keep our site up to date with news and pictures every week when possible, we may even make changes more frequently. We hope you enjoy visiting our homepage and will visit again, we would be grateful if you could please sign our Guestbook and leave any suggestions or comments .

Our first homepage was designed and maintained for us by another person, we were unable to maintain the homepage ourselves and he was no longer available to continue to maintain the homepage for us. We still keep this homepage active and there is lots of information on all our dogs, with their show results, picture albums and previous litters etc. To visit this homepage click on the following link: 

We also have a page on the Champdogs site where you will find more information, pictures, picture albums and a list of all our show results for our dogs and much more information, to visit this site click on the following link:  




Please use the menu on the left hand side of page to navigate the site.   


We will try to answer any specific questions you may have regarding the breed, if we cannot answer them we we will endeavour to find an answer for you. Please send any of your questions via our contact  page.    



Pictures on this homepage can be enlarged, to do this double click on the picture to enlarge. 


Thank you for visiting our homepage we hope you will visit again.  


We are founder members of the Kennel Club Accredited Breeder Scheme, our Kennel Club Accredited Breeder number is: 128843.


All our breeding dogs are DNA profiled under the Kennel Club Scheme and all our dogs take part in all breed specific health schemes i.e. Hip and Elbow testing. Several of our dogs are used for therapy work  in Special Needs Schools, Nursing Homes and hospitals.


All information about our dog's health and any breed related tests carried out in the UK or America are recorderd on their record's on the American Bernese Database Bernergarde site. Follow the links on all our dogs pedigree's to the Bernergarde site or visit


We would be grateful to all our visitors if you would please sign our Guestbook and leave any comments - Thank you. 


Nous serions reconnaissants à tous nos visiteurs, si vous s'il vous plaît signer notre livre d'or et laisser vos commentaires - merci.


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