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Madi - A Tribute 1

Thank you for your lovely tributes and support after the loss of our very special girl Madi. As you will see we have had to add three pages for them, the tributes come from many countries and also from some people in these countries who had met Madi on her travels.


Dear Ian and Jill - There are no words I can say in these moments, I know quite well what losing one of our best friends is. And given what I felt when I lost Gus, and that I still mourn him and tears suddenly come to my eyes even after two years, I know how much you will feel Madi's loss. I think there was something magic with that first litter you produced! I am quite sure the other lucky people who also took one of the puppies will agree with me. The only problem with the breed is that they don't live as long as we do! I will be thinking of you in this very sad moment for both of you. I just hope that Ian's mother is doing better after her stroke. Kind Regards. Alicia


Hi All - Thank you for the email about Madi, we are so sorry for your loss, Madi truly was a credit to Bernese and to you, we have great joy in knowing her and having one of her puppies and as you know Kira is a  lot like her mum. Have a lovely Christmas. Love Clare, Simon, Kira, Iorek and Taschaxx


Hi Ian and Jill

I think Madi was the first Bernese we ever saw when we came to see you back in the summer of 2001, and we were struck by her looks and her size and her calmness.  She (and you of course) clinched our choice of breed of dog to have.  She has certainly produced some fine puppies - we couldn't have asked for better than Harley and Hughie, they have been fantastic. Our thought’s are with you. We still remember the first few days after Harley went and the feeling of losing one of the family. What does help is having other dogs around I know as you still have to keep them going, and they keep you going. We'll look forward to your memories on your webpage. Regards, Hazell and Will


Dear Jill and Ian - We were so sorry to hear of your loss. Although we have never kept pets as you know, we thought your ‘family’ were a sight to behold and were a credit to your care and love for them. Nothing we say can make up for the loss of Madi but we do send sincere wishes that the New Year will bring only good news. Love Yve and Frederick


Hi Ian and Jill - Madi will be taking charge on rainbow bridge by now, what a girl gone but not forgotten we are very lucky that when one star starts to fade another one is born. Steffi we have every faith in you and Ian of course. Happy Christmas best wishes for 2010. Tricia (Education Village - Darlington) p.s. big Licks from Malak............


Dear Ian and Jill - I am so very sorry to hear of the death of Madi. She was a lovely girl both physically and in spirit. We were all so taken with her the first time we came to your house and she was a really fantastic advertisement for the breed. I know it will take a long time to come to terms with her loss but take comfort from the fact that you had her for a good long time and you will have many happy memories. I know she will always be remembered for the very good work she did with children and she will live on in her children and grandchildren. I know George will be sending his own message to you. God Bless - Sue and Annie (our new girl who came through Bernese Welfare)


Dear Ian & Jill - Sue and I would like to say how sorry we are to hear the bad news about Madi and to offer you both our sympathy as we know only too well what a hole it leaves in your life when this happens. I remember Madi only too well when we came to visit you 6 years ago as she put the act on and was responsible for me deciding to go for a Bernese. We have never regretted doing that and now no other breed will do as they are such incredible characters as you well know. Best Regards - George & Sue and a kiss from Annie


Dear Ian and Jill - I am so sorry to hear about your loss of beautiful PAT dog Madi. She sounded fantastic and I'm sure brought happiness to those whose lives she touched. Knowing how much she meant to so many will eventually be a comfort, but I understand how difficult it must be at the moment. Take care Glenys Burgess (P.A.T. Area Co-Ordinator Support Manager)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Hi Ian and Jill – So sad to hear about your dear Madi. She was a fantastic girl! Regards, Pia N. Rothmann- Chr.   (Norway)


Hi Jill and Ian - So sorry to hear about your loss. She sounded like a very special girl and 10 years is a long time to have such a good friend. Best wishes,  Kathryn and Danny


Dear Ian and Jill - We are very sad to hear about the death of your beloved Madi. After having her for so many years it must be very, very difficult for you. We know you love all your dogs, but Madi was so special,for you,and for all the children at her school! We hope you will have the strenght to go on during this Christmas time. In spite of all your grief we wish you a merry Christmas and a healthy new year, also for Joker. Best Regards, Leo and Mieke (Netherlands)



Dear Ian and Jill - We are all so sorry to hear about Madi. She was a very special dog to us all here as she was Kai's mum and our link to him, he will at least have his mum there with him now to frolic around with. We were planning to come and see you over the Christmas break but it probably won't be appropriate now. Just let us know if it is. Sol is a very happy dog and he loves to cuddle up to us. He bounds about all over the place he is like a canine hurricane but very gentle as well. Please accept our sincere condolences, the only downside to welcoming animals into our lives is that they invariably leave before we do, leaving utter desolation in their place. I still weep for Kai now when I look at his photographs and see his happy face, speak soon. Regards, Angela, Jez and family.


Dear Ian and Jill - I have only just caught up with messages and yours has been devastating, I am so sorry, the tears are falling as I write I know you were realistic and didn't know how long she would go on for but I feel your loss. She was my favourite of all your dogs, no disrespect to any of the others who win more prizes, but to me Madi epitomised what a Bernese was all about. Her nature was what we all want, a perfect dog and wonderful companion. She reminded me of Helga a lot. At least you have her pups and grand pups in the world so that other people can feel as lucky as you by owning one. Our thoughts are with you.  Martin and John and the girls xx


Hello - Just heard about Madi, we are gutted to hear about your loss.  She was such a lovely dog and such a credit to Staubach. We sensed from your last e mail about Madi, that all was not well, but we hoped the vet could assist and prolong things for her. We have such fond memories of Madi from the first day we met her, onwards, she was a perfect PAT dog and gave such a large amount of pleasure to others, she may be gone but not forgotten. No doubt she will be finding her place in the great BMD kennel in the sky applying her PAT skills up there instead. We did feel that Madi represented all that is good about the breed, and Staubach in particular. Whilst we are sad for your loss, we should not lose sight that Madi had a great life, surrounded by the Staubach family, she has been much loved during her life, has been in loads of competitions, travelled aboard loads of times and has been a PAT dog for over 9 years. Imagine the endless hours of joy she has brought to those less fortunate, and those people's lives she has enriched during those times. Like you say she has been a great mum to 19 puppies, let alone the grand puppies she will have dotted about. Madi indeed was one in a million, and for the at reason, her loss hurts that bit more. May she rest in peace. Again, accept our sympathies  Best Wishes for a Happy Christmas and Prosperous New Year. Regards Michael, Clare & Ian


Dear Jill and Ian - My heart goes out to you on the loss of your beloved Madi. I can imagine the pain you feel and hope that time will help you overcome it eventually. Madi obviously was a very special lady, who has given you and others so much. I do hope that this fact and the fact that she had a wonderful life at your side will bring you some consolation. Thinking of you Martha (Switzerland)


Dear Ian and Jill - Mark and I know that it is so sad when we have to say goodbye to one of our 4 legged family members. We loved reading about Madi's contributions to children and all the hard work she devoted to them. All along with you by her side. Please know that we are thinking about you both. Ten and a half years of memories, three litters of babies, grand dogs to be proud of. Warmly, Sharon and Mark (America)


Ian and Jill - I am so very sorry, Madi sounds like she was a very special girl. I'm so glad she picked you, I just wish you could have had her with you for many more years. All my deepest condolences for your loss, Pat Long (America)


Jill and Ian - I am so sorry to hear that you have lost one of your girls. From meeting Madi I can be sure that you both gave her a wonderfull home and you should both be proud of the dog she was. We lost Tia onTuesday, she had cancer. We can only say that she didn't suffer for very long and was happy for a large amount of her life. She will be forever in our hearts as I am sure your Madi will be in yours. Our sympathies.  Ania and Jonathan


Dear Ian and Jill - It is with sadness that I send this email.  I am so sorry for your loss, but very happy for the 10.5 years of happiness and love that you have experienced. She was a beautiful, friendly and playful girl who instantly motivated feelings of joy in those who came into contact with her. Thank you for letting me know. Regards, Carolyn Macgill  (South Australia)


Dear Ian and Jill - What a sad xmas it will be for you without Madi, so sorry to hear about her passing she certainly was a beautiful girl. Thinking of you both. Kind Regards Felicity  (Australia)


Hi Ian and Jill - We are so sorry to hear the sad news about your beloved Madi. We are glad we had the pleasure of meeting her when we visited you back in September and we know she will be sadly missed not only by ye but all her work mates and children too. Thinking of ye at this sad time. Regards Pat Majella and Family. (Ireland)


Dear Ian and Jill - How shocked we are to hear your very sad news that you've lost your beloved Madi. She really was a very special girl and touched so many people with her magic ways. Her ability to help those in need will always be remembered and cherished for many years. She enriched so many lives around her, not only you her breeders and owners but so many special children and adults alike. Madi was one of those extra special Bernese that occasionally come along and touched all those around her and for that she will always live on, not only in people's happy memories but also in her children, grandchildren and future generations. Having lost our beloved Sophie some six months ago I do know how painful loosing such a special Bernese is and we send our sincere condolences to you both. Perhaps Madi and our Sophie are now enjoying the lush green meadows over the rainbow bridge and will be waiting for us when our time comes. Big hugs to you both and to your Bernese too and we just so very sorry that your lovely Madi has died. - Kindest regards Philippa and Mervyn


Hello Ian and Jill - I am verry sorry for your lost of Madi, she did have a exelent way to go for her work as a therapie Dog and a lovly member of youre litle Famely. I now she will stay in a lot of haerts and so never forgettet. - Betsy. Robert and Daniel (Germany)


Dear Ian and Jill - We are so sorry to hear the news about Madi.  Our thoughts are with you both. Take care - Pauline, Graham and Carlie  (Scotland)    

                                                                                                                                                                                                    Hi Ian and Jill - Sorry to hear the sad news about Madi, she lived a good many years for a BMD and I am sure that in part was due to your love for your  dog. Mona and the children are in Colombia visiting Grandma and I will join them for Xmas. Best wishes Jeremy                         



Dear Ian and Jill - We are so very sorry to hear of Madi's passing. but what a wonderful tribute. But she will still live on in her offspring and in your hearts. Love, The Murphy Family (Ireland)


Ian and Jill - Please accept my sincere condolences on the loss of your beautiful girl Madi. Hugs from Lindsay in Australia


Hello Ian and Jill - We are so sorry to hear the sad news of Beautiful Madi. Our thoughts are with you at this time.  Dave and Family.


Dear All - Just to say how sorry we were to hear about you losing Madi. I am sure you are still heartbroken despite having all your other dogs around you. Madi was really special and we remember her very well in Switzerland. What a sweetie she was. Your tribute to her was lovely both in your December news and also with the slide show of Switzerland. A real tear jerker, you could not have done anything better than that. - Margaret and Peter Catchpole (and Heidi)


Hello, I’m in Italy and I’ve not internet to read the email. Sorry for Madi, I know what to say loose a friend…you know. I lost my Anthos on June and after 14 years toghetr is terrible. I’m sad for you. Now Madi is with Anthos over the rainbow bridge and togheter are running on forever green Courage. I’ll send to you also my best wishes for the new years. Friendly - Rita Giovannini  (Italy)

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